The orchestra usually gives two or three concerts each year. We often invite a few wind players in order to perform a larger symphonic work, such as a Haydn or Mozart symphony.

Next concert

The next concert will be on Friday 15th March, 2019 at The Village Church, Brindley Ford. The strings will again be joined by invited wind players - further details to follow.

Recent concerts

St. Mary's Church, Leek - 26 October 2018

For this concert at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Leek the strings were joined by three guest wind players, who also each performed a solo accompanied by the orchestra. The major work was Haydn's "Surprise" symphony, no. 94.

The programme was:

Ravenswood Care Home, Kidsgrove - 20 April 2018

This short concert was for residents and guests of the care home. The programme was:

The Village Church, Brindley Ford - 17 November 2017

This concert included both popular classics and some less familiar works which were new to the orchestra but proved rewarding. The strings were joined by wind players, and Bob Crawshaw was soloist in the final movement of Mozart's Horn concerto no. 4.

The full programme was:

St Matthew's Church, Birches Head - 19 May 2017

This was a strings-only concert of tuneful popular classics with some lighter works. The programme was:

Swan Bank Church, Burslem - 10 March 2017

This concert, for which the orchestra was again augmented with wind players, featured Mozart's Symphony no. 21. The programme was:

The Village Church, Brindley Ford - 18 November 2016

This concert featured Vivaldi's violin concerto La Tempesta di Mare, with the orchestra's own Christopher Mason as soloist. It also included the orchestra's first performance of Ligeti's Old Hungarian Ballroom Dances, in the version for strings. The full programme was:

Salvation Army, Kidsgrove - 20 May 2016

The guest soloist was the flautist Tim Ward, principal flute with the KEMS Orchestra in Macclesfield. Tim Ward and the Musical Director, Julia Harding, also performed duos for flute and clarinet.

The programme was:

Brindley Ford Methodist Church - 18 March 2016

For this concert the strings were joined by the well-known local accompanist and organist Ian Riddle, who also performed several unaccompanied pieces. The keyboard used was made with a technology that simulates the tracker action touch of a real pipe organ.

Leader David Weston, musical director Julia Harding, and soloist Ian Riddle.

The programme was:

Agnes and Arthur Care Home, Bradeley - 22 May 2015

The music played at this strings-only concert (which was open to all) was:

Salvation Army, Kidsgrove - 27 March 2015

The main work in this concert, which opened and closed with a hymn accompanied by the orchestra, was Mozart's Symphony no. 35 (the Haffner). As usual the strings were joined by some wind players. The programme was:

Brindley Ford Methodist Church - 21 November 2014

For this concert the strings were joined by a number of wind players, and Charmian Baskeyfield was the soloist in Bellini's oboe concerto. The full programme:

Northwood Parish Hall - 16th May 2014

For this concert the strings were again joined by wind players. The conductor, Julia Harding, performed three saxophone solos, one accompanied by the orchestra and two unaccompanied.

The programme was:

The concert was for St. Matthews Church, Birches Head.

Brindley Ford Methodist Church - 22nd November 2013

This concert featured Steve Edwards as soloist in Haydn's Cello concerto in C. Steve Edwards is a teacher and musician with Entrust Performing Arts Service, teaching the cello and violin in Staffordshire schools. As the concert date was the centenary of Benjamin Britten's birth, the orchestra played a movement from the Simple Symphony.

The programme was:

Boccherini's Minuet was played as an encore.

St Luke's Church, Mow Cop - 14th June 2013

The orchestra accompanied two local young string soloists (a violinist and a cellist) in short pieces by Vivaldi, and played a programme of popular classics. As usual at this venue the concert included a performance by children from Woodcocks' Well Primary School, this time on a variety of instruments and with both solo and ensemble pieces. The orchestra's programme was:

St James Church, Newchapel - 19th April 2013

This concert was originally arranged for 22 March, but postponed due to heavy snow. The programme was:

Earlier concerts

For previous concerts please see the earlier concerts page.

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